2017 Kitchen Design Trends

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The New Year is here, and with it comes the latest trends in kitchen design.


Green with Envy

Say goodbye to gray and say hello to green. With Pantone choosing “Greenery” as the latest color of the year, expect this color to arrive on kitchen walls and accessories immediately. This color is bold and brash, adding a spark of energy to a dull wall and a reminder of nature to contrast neutral shades. This green is definitely a conversation piece.


A former trend is now necessary. The continued rise of technology shows that kitchens must move with the times. The trend in tech is technology’s advancement in kitchens. Since homeowners use their smart phones often, it makes sense that the Smartphone lifestyle transfer to the kitchen area. Expect things as simple as viewing recipes on tablets and charging stations to complex technology such as app and wi-fi enabled appliances invading kitchens.


Can you decide between stainless steel, gold, chrome, and brass metal? If you can’t decide, don’t worry. Metal mixing is now trendy. Incorporate all metals and materials into the kitchen. Spread it around. Choose one metal for appliances, another for hardware, another for light fixtures, and the last for the sink. Alternately, you can add all four metals as hardware.

Animal House

A National Kitchen and Bath Association survey mentions how 35 percent of designers are incorporating the pet’s needs into kitchen decor. Therefore, make a new year’s resolution to give back. Instead of remodeling the kitchen to suit your needs, remodel the kitchen to suit you and your pet.

Drawers dedicated to pets are a trendy necessity; examples include a storage drawer to fit pet food and a bottom drawer with the dog/cat bowl built inside.

Move your kitchen from yesteryear to next year with these trendy suggestions. Whether it’s a small makeover or a large renovation, consider incorporating one or all the trends into the kitchen. Likewise, never spend more than you can afford on trends.


We can’t wait to help you incorporate some of these 2017 kitchen design trends into your home. Give us a call for a consultation.  Click HERE for our contact information page!  Cheers to 2017.



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