2017: The Year Of Kitchen Storage Renovation

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2017 is the year to renovate not the kitchen itself, but its storage space. There are innovative ways to store gadgets, cutlery, dinnerware and other necessary items in the kitchen without the space looking like a lumber room. Indeed, the storage items can themselves become part of an attractive decor. Here are some ideas for renovating kitchen storage:

Use Open Shelves

Homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to place open shelves on that otherwise empty wall or on those empty spaces beside the stove vent hood. A display of pots, pans and dishes can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they are now easier to find. A brief, once a week wiping will keep them from collecting grease or dust.

Knife Slots in Butcher Block

Knife slots in a butcher block kitchen island keep knives safely at hand. A carpenter or a DIYer skilled in carpentry can create the slots easily.

Add Shelves, Bins, Baskets and Pull-Outs to the Pantry

These additions not only add more storage, but make items easier to access. Wire baskets also make it easier to see what’s inside of them.

Lazy Susans

Efficient lazy Susans are a must for a corner floor cabinet. They not only save people from scrabbling around for this or that item in a darkened cabinet, but make it possible to store more items that are not accessible with the push of a finger. Smaller lazy Susans or tiered shelves can also fit into countertop corners.

Think Tall and Thin

Store pantry items in shelving that can be as tall as the wall but slender enough to tuck into that space between the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets.

Create Activity Centers in the Kitchen

Divide the kitchen into activity centers, and place everything needed for that activity in that one spot. For example, in the cutting center, store cutting boards of different sizes against the backlash. Add a knife block, a canister for holding items such as strainers and garlic presses and a box grater. Place the stand mixer, a canister that holds wooden spoons, whisks and egg beaters, different sized bowls, pie plates and a cake stand in the mixing center.

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