2018 Kitchen Design Trends

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The kitchen is the most common room in the home where residents spend time entertaining and preparing food. It’s important that you feel comfortable in the space and can show it off to your guests. If the space needs to be updated or remodeled, there are a few common design trends to consider when you want to transform the setting and allow it to look appealing.

Black Appliances

Although stainless steel appliances were common in most kitchens in past years, more homeowners are switching to black appliances. Black appliances have a bold design that is unexpected in the space and will make a statement. The dark color shade adds a cozy touch to the room and can be matched with other appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher.

Colorful appliances are also trending for their ability to add a pop of color to the room when you want it to double as a decor item on the countertop. They’ll add extra contrast when paired with the black appliances.

Personalized Tiles

Subway tiles were a hit in past years and were known for sprucing up the backsplash to create an urban design. Personalized tiles are now increasing in popularity for their ability to add extra detail to the room and make it more interesting with the colors and patterns that are incorporated. Choose different styles of tiles that are bold or look retro to set the theme in the room and make the floors or back splash the main focal point.

Gold Accent Pieces

Gold accent pieces are a staple in kitchens in 2018 because they’re incredibly luxe and classy. Copper, rose gold, and gold accent pieces should be used sparingly in the space, whether you incorporate them with the lighting that is used or the cookware that is mounted on a rack. Using different accent pieces will create a streamlined look that is uniform and flows well with your kitchen’s design for a pop of detail that is contemporary.

Gold hardware can also be installed on the cabinets to spruce up the setting and add a pop of detail.

Quartz Countertops

The countertops that are installed are one of the main features of the room that will determine the style and design of the kitchen. Quartz countertops are sleek and mimic the design of marble countertops but are more affordable. The countertops will create a light and airy setting due to their white design, which will open up the space and allow it to feel roomy.

Camouflaged Dishwashers

More people want to create a streamlined environment where certain appliances are hidden and out of sign. Camouflaged dishwashers blend in with the rest of the cabinets in the room and include metal hardware to open and close the appliance. You can make the product discrete in the room and prevent it from breaking up the design of the space.


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