2018: The Year To Do A Kitchen Make-Over

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As people look to the new year, they often survey their current housing situation carefully. Many homeowners think about making important home improvements that can make their homes more comfortable and inviting. They dream about an updated house that is created in accordance with their personal tastes. One of the places that people first look is to the kitchen. The kitchen is often the hub of the home. People prepare meals here, welcome guests and create important memories. The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start and a time to reconsider improvement including a kitchen make-over.

Selling the Home

One of the most first places buyers look when touring a home is the kitchen. Buyers today love having an updated kitchen. They look for a large kitchen space where they can create wonderful family meals. A home on the market that has lots of brand new appliances, lots of counter space and plenty of storage is a house that will catch and keep buyer attention. It will also photograph well and help the buyer think the entire house has also been redone. A house with a brand new kitchen is also one that will stand out, especially in a buyer’s market. In a seller’s market the house with a large kitchen that has just be redone will stand out even more and may lead to a much higher selling price.

A Growing Family

Another reason to update a kitchen is because of a new family member. Many people have a growing family. An updated kitchen makes it easier to make wonderful meals for every family member. The same is true of housing an older family member. Many people today find it helpful to have a parent live with them for awhile to help out with childcare and other issues. A brand new kitchen can help provide space for both parent and grandparents to cook. Think about using universal design elements in the kitchen home redo like easy to grab cabinet handles and wider door openings so the kitchen can continue to be usable for all age groups in the coming years.

Rising Home Values

Housing experts expect the upcoming year to be one in which home values may rise. A homeowner who puts in a new kitchen can expect to see an even bigger rise in property values. The new kitchen may add up to ten percent or even more to the total value of the home. A savvy homeowner can take advantage of rising home values to further increase the equity in their home. Increased equity means that the homeowner may be able to refinance their mortgage as the price of the home has risen in the aftermath of a serious home improvement project. For many homeowners, this means saving thousands of dollars on the cost of the mortgage and lowering their overall home ownership costs at the same time.


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