2018 Trends in Bathroom Countertops

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When you’re designing the bathroom countertops or you want to change the look of the counters, there are a few trends for 2018 that you might want to consider. Granite is a popular trend with veining throughout no matter what color you choose. The veining adds dimension to the granite that you wouldn’t see with other materials. The material offers an elegant appearance to any bathroom. You can get granite cut to any shape to go around the sink in the bathroom or around other details that are on the walls. Granite is a good option for the bathroom because it usually resists stains and is difficult to damage by water.


Engineered stone is another option to consider. The material is difficult to scratch and resists mold and mildew. Small flecks of lighter colors are seen in this type of material, providing multiple colors on the counter that blend with the base color. If you’re looking for a countertop that offers a beautiful and elegant look in the bathroom, then consider marble. The swirls and striations in the marble add depth to the countertop along with a beautiful appearance that you won’t find with other materials. Keep in mind that it can be easy to scratch, so it should be reserved for bathrooms where you don’t use many utensils, such as curling irons or other hair tools.


Laminate countertops are an option to consider if you’re on a budget. There are numerous designs and colors available with laminate. You could change the appearance of the bathroom counter frequently through the year using the material. You can find laminate that looks like marble, granite or other materials that would ordinarily be expensive if you get the true component. Most laminate surfaces resist stains and work well with water, which is what makes it an ideal option for the bathroom.


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