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Piedrafina Builder Series Quartz is a brand new addition to our quartz selection. Cutting Edge Kitchens is the exclusive dealer and fabricator in the valley for the Builder Series Quartz Collection. There are no grout joints to clean and there is no mess to maintain. Installation takes only one day, and the stone is very low maintenance. Most importantly, Piedrafina Builder Series Quartz quite simply looks amazing. For more information, be sure to check out our article on The Allure of Quartz Countertops.


Piedrafina Quartz

  • Brand new
  • Exclusive dealer/fabricator in the valley
  • Quartz countertop installation only $40.00-$50.00 / sq. ft.
  • Bathroom shower walls installation $20.00 sq. ft.
  • No grout joints to clean or mess to maintain
  • Low maintenance
  • Looks amazing

Piedrafina Quartz Countertops: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re contemplating having Piedrafina Quartz countertops installed, these common questions and answers may aide your decision-making process.

What is Piedrafina?

Piedrafina quartz is an engineered quartz stone, which is becoming more and more popular for both homes and businesses. This product is made of 95 percent powdered quartz (igneous rock) mixed with resin and pigment. The pigment allows the piedrafina quartz to have a wealth of colors and patterns that can complement nearly every decor. Piedrafina slabs are used as counter and island tops, vanity tops, for walls, shower stalls, tub decks and backsplashes. The durability of piedrafina builder series quartz makes it highly desirable. This is especially true since it is non-porous and does not require sealing throughout its lifetime.

Can Piedrafina countertops and other surfaces be customized?

Piedrafina counters can be customized, either when it comes to the color or the shape or size of the slab. Since it is cured in a form, the slab can be made into the size and shape desired by the customer. However, creating a slab that is not the standard size adds to the cost of the stone and its installation.

What are choices in Piedrafina quartz?

Choices include Carmel, which is beige with gray flecks; Lava, with its black shades; Fiji which is beige; Arctic and Sierra, which are white with gray flecks and Snow which is pure white.

Does Piedrafina quartz need to be sealed?

Piedrafina quartz never needs to be sealed. It is a very durable material as long as you take good care of it by not exposing to abrasives and heat. It’s also important to clean up any spilled grease and not to cut directly on the surface.

What’s the best way to clean Piedrafina quartz?

Piedrafina quartz should not be washed with harsh chemicals. Use mild dishwashing soap and tepid water and rinse to clean it. The best cleaner is pH neutral, or has a pH of 7.0. Remove tough stains with a scrub pad made for nonstick pots and pans. Avoid spilling acids such as lemon juice or vinegar on the stone. If they are spilled, they should be blotted up and rinsed right away. The homeowner can also buy special cleanser for Piedrafina quartz such as our CEK Stone Cleaner. Also dust the counters frequently and avoid bleach.

Is the color of a Piedrafina quartz slab consistent?

Because the powdered quartz and resin are mixed with pigment, the pigment is amazingly consistent throughout the slab. The color just doesn’t penetrate the top few millimeters the way it does some of the cheaper laminate countertops or vanities.

Will the slab have seams?

The slab may not have seams if it is covering a small space. If it is covering a large space like most countertops or island tops, it will have seams depending on how many slabs are needed to cover the area.

Can Piedrafina be used outdoors?

It is not recommended that piedrafina quartz be used outdoors because the ultraviolet light of the sun will eventually fade the colors and damage the stone itself over time.
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Cutting Edge Kitchens is the exclusive dealer and fabricator in the valley for the Piedrafina Builder Series Quartz Collection.

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