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Unique, modern kitchen backsplashes are all the rage in kitchen design in 2016. Gone are the days of simply extending the countertop material upwards by a few inches; today’s consumers want color, style and pizazz in their backsplashes. Let’s take a look at the most popular type of backsplashes and how they’re being installed to create innovative, modern kitchen designs.

Glass Tile

Whether you’re going for a traditional look or something more modern, glass tile backsplashes are still the gold standard. Tiles are by far the most versatile material; they come in nearly every color, finish, shape and size, and they can be installed horizontally or vertically. Heck, you can install them diagonally if you want to get crazy. For traditional homes, a simple monochromatic or color-on-color tile choice installed from countertop to upper cabinet will finish your kitchen nicely. If you’re looking for something ultra modern, try a large-scale, single color tile that extends all the way to the ceiling for a trendy look.


You might not live in a brownstone in downtown Chicago, but you can give your kitchen that homey feel by installing a brick-inspired backsplash. Okay, so it’s not really bricks and it doesn’t need to be installed by masons, but this faux-brick material has the same charm and can give your home that downtown feel. Brick backsplashes pair well with white cabinets and natural wood floors, but you can also go modern and clean and choose a faux-brick with a whitewashed look for something more subtle.


Wood backsplashes are one of the hottest trends of 2016. Whether you’re going for the log cabin feel or simply want to add more natural materials to a modern space, wood as a backsplash can bring in that warmth that is often lacking in today’s kitchen designs. Real wood is not ideal for the kitchen as it soaks up moisture and can stain easily, but those same durable, stain resistant materials you love for the floor can be installed as a backsplash for a truly unique kitchen.


Love the industrial look? Adding corrugated metal panels or stainless steel sheet metal as a backsplash is a trendy way to give your kitchen that work-loft feel. It goes great with stainless steel appliances and darker cabinets, plus, it’s inexpensive, easy to install and a breeze to clean. Printed metal and glass tiles with metal accents are also a great way to add some charm to a boring kitchen in a way that feels more cozy and charming.

If you’re not sure which trendy backsplash materials would work best in your home, contact a professional kitchen contractor, like us, Cutting Edge Kitchens. A pro like us will be able to suggest materials that best compliment the space you already have and install them correctly so that you don’t end up a DIY mess on your hands.

Remember, trendy isn’t always better, and just because you like a single material doesn’t mean it will work with your space. To ensure your kitchen design is a hit, let usl help tie it all together and give you the perfect kitchen backsplash.

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