Custom Bartop Granite in Boise, Idaho


Why Choose Granite for Your Bar Top?

The pairing of granite’s low-maintenance upkeep and it’s ability to handle any heat you want to hit it with (your morning coffee pot, a tray of appetizers straight from the oven, etc.,) make choosing granite for your new bartop an easy and excellent decision. Even when choosing a light color for your bartop – if you seal them, perform regular upkeep and clean them on occasion then they won’t stain. (If you do by chance have a stain, be sure to read our article on how to remove stains from your granite!) And nobody deny the satisfying “clink!” sound that comes from setting a glass on a beautiful granite bar top.
The beauty of a granite bar top is that it’s applicable for everyone. Whether it’s for your home, a local bar with regular patrons, a high-end cocktail lounge or a local restaurant – you’ll be sure to impress and entertain all your patrons and friends.


How to Purchase Granite in Boise

You’re going to want to go to a large distributor or warehouse. Granite is a natural piece of stone, meaning that every slab is unique and nobody will have the same one as you. This also means that the more options you have to view and compare, you’ll be sure to find the exact piece that you’ve been imagining for your granite bar tops.
To determine the most custom, efficient and cost of granite for your bartop, start with consulting a Boise design expert at Cutting Edge Kitchens. We consistently save our customers time and money when deciding on the best possible choices of granite.
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Choose the Right Granite Fabricator in Boise

With over 9 years of experience, you can have confidence when you schedule your granite bartop remodeling projects with Boise’s best granite fabrication minds at Cutting Edge Kitchens.

At Cutting Edge Kitchens in Boise, we take extreme pride in our reputation for high quality granite bar top installations. We go the extra mile for our granite bartop customers and always strive to stay at the Boise granite industry. With our experience in the granite bartop business, we have the skills and experience to provide you with the best service in the Boise area.

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