Choosing Granite for Your Boise Bathroom & Shower

For most people, granite is just some old age stone. For homeowners and real estate agents, granite plays a key role in selling a home to a prospective buyer. Granite in bathrooms can be installed on counter tops, walls or floors. The top surface in bathrooms plays a key role and must be durable enough to stand up to water, cosmetics, and soap. The bathroom surface should not be delicate or porous, because it is the primary connection point for bathroom cabinets and walls. Knowing factors to consider when choosing granite for your bathroom comes in handy.


The Right Budget For Granite

The countertop you select for your bathroom mainly depends on your budget. Granite’s prices vary based on the type. If the installation is made for the master bathroom, granite would be more economical. It is attractive and gives the top surface a smooth, luxurious touch. Additionally, it comes in several types known as grades. This means that in the market, there are different grades of the same marble granite. Depending on your budget, the grades are affordable to every client. The result is a top bathroom surface that is waterproof and tough enough to withstand harsh chemicals like hair shampoo. Granite is prominently known for its ability to stand up to stains.


Granite Colors and Themes

From brochures to online marketing platforms, granite is virtually beautiful. However, what you see online may not present the right mental picture for you. Take your time and walk into the physical stores for color comparison. The color you select should be in line with the bathroom cabinets, walls, and floor. The synergy should present a warm, lively ambiance after installation. In the showroom, consider explaining your expectations to the granite provider. The slabs and units that the granite comes in should match your demands concerning color and bathroom theme.


Style of Granite

There are many styles of granite. This means that you can transform the look of your bathroom countertop from time to time by selecting a specific edge and finishing. While some edges of granite are fancy, others are simple and easy to install. Some of the prominent edges include ogee, beveled, and bullnose. For kid’s bathrooms, the choice of granite can be fancy as kids are playful and creativity attracts them. For the master bathroom, an edgy, simple style would be a good option. Since there are many options on style, you should be able to select a style with the help of your granite fabricator.