Boise: A Great Place To Live

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The capital of Idaho, Boise is a city growing by leaps and bounds. Known as the “City of Trees,” it has a population in excess of 225,000 residents, all of whom love the city due to its charming neighborhoods, low crime rate, bustling arts scene, and economy that continues to grow year after year. Winning awards from magazines in various categories as “Best Places for Businesses and Careers,” “Best Places to Live,” and “Most Secure Places to Live,” there’s no doubt Boise has plenty to offer those who choose to call it home.

Happy Residents

With numerous accolades, it’s no wonder Boise residents are continually ranked as some of the happiest in the United States. Recognized for its gorgeous landscape and natural amenities offering activities year round, the city is full of beautiful trees, has a greenbelt path along the Boise river, foothills, a whitewater park, a near by ski resort, various community parks, and a trendy downtown. It’s the perfect spot for people who have a love of nature.

Great Educational Systems

Known mostly for Boise State University and its successful college football program, the city also has an excellent public school system as well as numerous private schools. Part of the West Ada School District, many schools in the city have won awards for excellence in education, including Boise High School and private schools such as Foothills School of Arts and Sciences.

Plenty of Great Festivals

If you like getting together with thousands of your closest friends to have some fun, Boise offers plenty of great festivals you can attend. To show off the city’s vibrant music scene, the Treefort Music Fest showcases many local acts as well as various national ones as well. And when you’re ready to ring in the new year, you can head to downtown Boise and enjoy the Idaho Potato Drop, where a giant potato is dropped from the sky at midnight to help celebrate the start of the new year.

A Convenient Location

For many people who move to Boise, one of the best things about it is its convenience to other major cities. With Interstate 84 located nearby, Boise residents can find their way to Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. And with Boise drivers being listed as some of the safest drivers in the United States by Allstate Insurance, you’ll have nothing to worry about when you’re behind the wheel.

Great for Retirees

With its laid-back lifestyle, low crime rates, historic neighborhoods, and endless array of activities, Boise is a great spot for retirees to call home. For example, many folks love to head downtown to the Egyptian Theater, an old-style movie theater that has kept its traditional roots. Known for its Classic Movie Night, it’s the place to be for those who love to reminisce about the glory days of Hollywood.

A hidden gem of the Pacific Northwest, Boise is starting to get more well-known by those who are looking for a simpler, friendlier way of life. From festivals to beautiful scenery and much more, Boise is everything you’ve wanted and much more.

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