Confidently Choose Your New Stone Counter Color

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Whether you are designing a brand new kitchen or refreshing the look with a new stone countertop, choosing the right countertop color is critical in achieving a look that you will love for years to come. While color preferences are largely personal, there are a few different points to consider to help you choose a color with confidence.


First, think about kitchens that you have seen that you love, whether at a friend’s house or in your favorite design magazine. Do you notice any consistent themes with color palettes? Do you find yourself drawn to light, bright and airy spaces, or do you swoon over traditional dark and rich finishes? There are many correct combinations, so it is important to be familiar with what calls to you.

Next, are you reusing some existing fixtures or have you already fallen in love with a particular cabinet or floor tile? Take stock of the parts and pieces that you already know will be part of the new design, and breathe a sigh of relief–you have a tangible starting point! If you are starting from scratch, do not fear. Refer back to your inspiration pictures and start with the feature that is most exciting to you that will anchor the palette.

Once you have your starting point figured out, consider the effects of contrasts and complements. An easy way to add dynamic but balanced energy to the room is to incorporate a light, medium and dark color so that your choices do not blend unintentionally into one another (a good example would be the classic combination of white cabinets with a medium wood floor and a black countertop). To bring cohesion back into the design, keep the colors complementary–when viewing samples in natural daylight, it will be clear if your samples all have a “cool” or “warm” vibe to them.

If you go into selecting a stone countertop color armed with inspiration pictures that you love and an understanding of how the different elements in the room can play harmoniously off of each other, there is nothing left to do but go with your heart. Stone is an amazing natural surface and it’s selection is a very personal process, so rest assured that the color you thoughtfully select will be a unique fit.


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