Cooking With Your Child

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Cooking With Your Child Is A Lesson On Love, Food and Bonding

Most children love to mimic what their parents do, which also includes cooking. It is possible to start at a very young age and teach a child how to cook just about anything in the kitchen. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, but it can be a chore that can be helpful for the active family. Children who are cracking eggs and stirring cakes today will be making spaghetti and frying hamburgers tomorrow. Who couldn’t use an extra hand around the house?

Cooking Is More Than Just The Food

Learning to cook is a skill that a child will use for their entire life. They will have fond memories of sitting around a table learning to knead bread and ice a cake. Schools these days have thrown out home economics programs, but they really don’t understand what they have done. These programs taught middle-high school classes the basics of cooking. These days, it is up to the parents to do the teaching. Start out with the basic, like learning how to use measuring cups and spoons, and following a recipe. It will be easy to see what the child is best at. Some will be able to master a grilled steak and mashed potatoes with ease, while others will be better at cookies and baked goodies. Everyone has a niche, especially in the kitchen.

You Can Teach Them More Than Cooking

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. So, as many times as you can get your child in the kitchen with you, the more they will learn. Another great thing is that cooking has a great deal of math involved. The fractions in following a recipe are quite informative. Many who homeschool their children use cooking as a way to teach math without the child even realizing.

The Bonding Is Essential

Probably the best part of teaching a child to cook is the bonding that takes place. There’s something glorious about teaching a child to do things the way their parent does. One day, they will show their child the same methods. In today’s world where time is so valuable, cooking is a way to get a chore done and bond at the same time. Plus, kids often are more eager to eat a meal they have cooked. Even if it is something they wouldn’t normally touch, knowing they made it gives them a sense of pride. Why not bake up something delicious with your child today?

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