We Start With Stone

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From the very earth itself we work with the beautiful raw materials taken from their rugged birthplace, work them, refine them, and give them a new place to call home.

We’re fortunate to be located in a wonderful place like Idaho, known for its amazing geology and natural resources. We can bring that rugged feel right into your home to create a seamless entry with new Granite countertops. Are you looking for a more modern and clean look? We can update your kitchen with Quartz countertops, creating soft angles and precision edges. Or would you prefer to achieve that classic look and feel with soft Marble countertops?

With each stone you can create the specific look you want. Each material has its own natural characteristics and maintenance needs. We provide all of them.

Beyond just countertops we can also provide some of the best tile, backsplash, bath and remodel sourcing to compliment the countertop you choose.

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Piedrafina Builder Series Quartz

Cutting Edge Kitchens is the exclusive dealer and fabricator in the valley for the Piedrafina Builder Series Quartz Collection.

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Granite, Quartz, Marble Countertops in Boise, Idaho

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