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It is no surprise that women are the primary contributors to getting all of the dirty laundry in a home cleaned, pressed, folded, and put away. With so much time spent in and around the washing machine, in a world full of possibilities and armed with a Pinterest board and the closest Hobby Lobby, a woman certainly has the ability to make this never ending chore a little more enjoyable by transforming her laundry space into a small but luxurious space.

Where do you start?


Surely such an undertaking doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. After all, if you fall into the demographic of most laundry-doing women, the laundry room isn’t even large enough to spend an arm and a leg on. So, how can we add some flair to our humble laundry closets/rooms? First and foremost, let’s get some paint on those walls! You can go for a cool clean spa retreat feel with a calm subtle blue, or if you would rather go the more luxurious route, a subtle pink that can be accented with golds and faux fur accessories might be what you have in order.


After adding some splash of color to your laundry room, head to your nearest craft store and find some quick and easy ways to glam the place up.



A fun Chandelier hung from the center of the room adds a pop of fun without taking up valuable organizing space in a laundry room.



Vinyl stickers with fun and amusing quotes are also a great way to add a little novelty to the room. Some “Drop your drawers here” signs might evoke more whimsy than luxury, so maybe a board painted with gold trim and a few clothes pins attached with the words “looking for my soul-mate” might seem a bit more romantic and luxurious to the eyes and ears.



Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it. As women we are going to spend a great amount of time in the laundry room, so why not empower ourselves by making it a place that evokes a feeling of happiness and renewal?!

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