Decorating Your Kitchen for the Holidays

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Winter’s holiday decorations are going up everywhre and preparations are in full swing for this happy and joyous time of year. As you get out the garlands and lights and prepare to “deck the halls”, don’t forget to give your kitchen some special holiday attention.

Seasonal decorating brightens up your kitchen and can even help with depression. If you own any holiday decor that belonged to loved family members, now’s the time to put it up and remember. Some people don’t have pleasant holiday memories, but it’s possible to sort out your feelings through counseling and to create new memories in the here and now.

Keep It Simple

If you don’t have any special holiday items, you can start with something as simple as a calendar, a set of paper plates and napkins, or a roll of paper towels with holiday prints. Inexpensive dinnerware sets, dishcloth and oven mitt sets and place mats with holiday themes are very easy to find.


General winter themes are popular as they can be used long after the holidays are over. If you don’t find a design that appeals to you or reflects your beliefs, just look for items in any colors that evoke your feelings about the season. Look in antique shops for traditional and vintage holiday items.


Don’t forget scent as a decorating factor. Pine incense and bayberry candles are traditional, but use whatever scents you associate with a happy holiday season. A special mug for your coffee, hot chocolate or tea, used only at this time of year, can really put you in a festive mood.

More little touches can be found at your local garden shop or craft store. Brightly colored acrylic stars, snowflakes, birds and angels are very popular.


If your kitchen has a window, don’t forget window stickers or sun catchers as well as curtains. Tiny statuettes can go on the windowsill. Put out some seed or suet cakes for the birds so you can watch them in the mornings. String lights around the window and doorway. Be sure to hang up some mistletoe — imitation or real. Mistletoe always brings warm holiday memories!



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