Essentials In Your New Kitchen

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Most kitchens are full of appliances that make life a little easier, but there are some that are absolutely vital. No kitchen should go without them, and installing them should be the first priority in a new kitchen.

Flexible Faucets

Every kitchen needs a sink with a good faucet to provide water. A flexible faucet that can bend to spray water at different angles, or stretch out with a hose for increased range, is ideal. The extra angles will make it much easier to wash dishes without missing spots, especially large pans and trays that barely fit in the sink.


Solid Surface Counters

Counter space is vital for cooking. Most new kitchens should include counters made from a solid surface material, such as quartz composite. These surfaces are more resistant to damage and staining than most other materials. They’re also easier to clean and repair when they do get damaged. Granite counters will also do the job, but they tend to be harder to clean and repair, so novice chefs should be wary.


Secure Cabinets

A kitchen’s cabinets should be spacious and tightly sealed. Cabinets with loose doors give mice and insects a chance to get at the food inside them, whereas a sealed cabinet provides protection from the environment that can slow down spoilage. They should also include shelves and other internal devisions to make organization easier. At least one of them should have a spice rack on the door, since isolating small containers of spices in a special area will reduce the chance of accidentally spilling them while reaching for other objects.


Fire Protection

Kitchen fires are more common than many people believe, and it’s important to be prepared for them. A simple smoke detector is a vital safety feature in every kitchen. They will occasionally go off by accident when cooking, especially for new chefs, but that’s far better than allowing a real fire to go undetected. You should also be sure to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, just to be sure that you can deal with any fires that do start while they are still small.


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