Five Questions To Ask Your Potential Countertop Fabricator

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It can be difficult to know where to start when hiring a countertop fabrication and installation company. Here are 5 important questions you need to ask.

Does Your Company Offer a Warranty?

Scratches and stains can occur your sooner than you think. Ask about the time period and types of repairs covered by the warranty. Check that this additional care will be done by a licensed professional and ensure that the contractor takes care of any inspections or permits needed beforehand.

What Professional Credentials Do You Have?

It’s important to verify all certifications. Stipulations for professional countertop fabricators can vary from city to city. A responsible contractor will always have liability and/or workers’ compensation insurance geared towards their particular line of work. This will help protect you should an accident occur while they are working at your residence..

Is Your Equipment In Good Repair?

Well-cared-for equipment can prevent work injuries and produce good results in regards to accuracy and proper seams. Ask to see images of the contractor’s previous work to get an idea of his or her skills.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Ask if there are any time constraints or obstacles that might prevent the job from being done by the prospective date. Come to an agreement about what to do in the event that unforeseen circumstances cause that date to change.

What Is Your During-and-Post-Job Clean Up Protocol?

A contractor should never leave a mess or create undue obstructions for the homeowner. Furniture and other belongings should be covered with tarps for the duration of the work. For multiple-day jobs, tools should be stored out of the way, and the homeowner’s property secured at the end of each day. After the work is complete, dust and other debris should be completely cleared by the work crew.

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