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Break out of the daily routine and throw a party to be remembered using your outdoor kitchen. These outdoor kitchens can -and should- be used for quiet family dinners to help you relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors or parties. Your house will be the most fun house on the block when you add this feature to your home.

These kitchens are great for block parties for your neighbors, special occasions, birthday celebrations, and family reunions.

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

  • Make sure to include ample cooking surfaces for food preparation.
  • Opt for a stovetop that includes a grill as well as a separate barbecue unit for bigger parties. This gives you more space to grill foods for crowds and have grilled food for small family meals.
  • You need to have proper electric and/or gas hookups and plumbing.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space. Keep in mind that you might need to store cleaning supplies for easy post-meal cleanup and that these items need to be stored away from foods, the barbecue, and burners.
  • A small sink is great for speedy prep and cleanup.
  • Include cooking utensil holders.
  • Choose an adequate outdoor freezer chest or refrigerator -or both- to help keep all your perishable ingredients within reach.
  • Remember that this area is your oasis so add decorative plants and choose a more rustic or modern overall design.

Most importantly, hire a professional contractor who has years of experience building these structures and will help you design your perfect outdoor kitchen according to your preferences, needs, and budget.

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen depends on the parts you choose for it. The most expensive parts are the appliances. For example, the cost of a quality grills starts at $1,000 and can cost up to $15,000. Consider how often you will use the appliance.

The more frequently it will be used the more you have to invest in a durable appliance. Overall, your kitchen can cost anywhere from $8,000 for a smaller unit with a couple of cabinets, a single burner, some counter space, and a sink. The cost increases as you choose more features and square footage and can cost $20,000 or more.

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