Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen?

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An outdoor kitchen is an investment with amazing opportunity. Not only does it improve the value of your home, but you are also able to customize it to your family’s needs. Done properly, an outdoor kitchen allows you to use it throughout the majority of the year.


Why get an outdoor kitchen?

Summer months create a perfect paradox of hot weather and not wanting to turn on the oven, while its long days and short nights make it perfect for entertaining. Why not make use of outdoor patios and decking by installing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? Something ideal for entertaining guests, but is also functional and works for your family. This is done by easily combining your outdoor entertaining space and creating an outdoor kitchen.


Use it all year round.

To make use of your outdoor kitchen into the cooler months, create an outdoor, corner fireplace using natural stone or flagstone. Above the fireplace is a great space to hang an outdoor-compatible TV for prime sports watching in the fall. Continue the masonry through to a simple counter complete with farmhouse style sink. Bookend the counter with a refrigerator on both ends or, if you prefer: a fridge on one end and a wine cooler or even fixed beer tap on the other!


Flexable Options

Keeping the storage as cabinets beneath the counters to allow for full access to your views! If you are on flat terrain, extend the counter away from the kitchen area to create a bar-like feel complete with seating for guests to relax while you cook. Tap into a pre-existing natural gas or propane line for your grill.

Ideally an outdoor kitchen has a fully covered area to allow you to work in comfort. Adding a ceiling fan or two keeps many flying bugs away and keeps everyone comfortable while you cook and eat. If you do not have a permanent ceiling or cover outside, using a triangular shaped sun shade is easy to install and will keep the sun away.


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