How Long Will My Kitchen Re-Model Take?

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Take into consideration the following factors when estimating an accurate time for your kitchen remodel:

Planning and Designing

You know you want some improvements made, but you’re not exactly sure what they should be. Planning and designing your new kitchen is one of the most important phases of the entire project, and the results will give you a precise timeline.

If you want the entire kitchen redone, you’ll need new appliances, new tile, a sink with the required plumbing, electrical work, paint and more. The list is endless. Have your kitchen remodeler go through all of your options first, including design. They’ll be able to help you choose products that fit in well with your idea.

While homeowners should take as much time as necessary to determine their new kitchen design, it should take no more than two weeks for this phase to be completed.

The Prep Work and Schedule Planning

Once you’ve come to an agreement on the design, your contractor will begin to prep the kitchen. This includes removing appliances, cupboards, drawers, demolition work on tile, putting down plastic for paint and more.

If you have a strict schedule that the contractor must follow for work time, it could take up to a week to complete this portion of the project. Notify your remodeler of any scheduling conflicts ahead of time.

Waiting for Products

Not all construction materials can be found in Home Depot or Lowe’s, especially if you want materials that are rare of that need to be constructed from scratch.

While you can cut down on the time needed for sourcing materials, it could take between one and two weeks to get everything on hand to finish the job.

Getting to Work

The remodeling work can actually get started as soon as you start sourcing your material. Once the demolition is done, the contractor will go in and begin to get his hands dirty. They’ll start with the nitty gritty work, like moving electrical outlets, installing lights in the ceiling, cutting tile and more.

If everything goes according to plan, the actual construction phase should take about two weeks to complete. Overall, the entire process could take between four and eight weeks to complete, from planning to completion.


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