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Edges are the aesthetic finishing touches on a countertop slab. They can be simple or ornate, and their cost reflects this. The homeowner often chooses a type of edging depending on how much the kitchen is used and the characteristics of the members of the household. A homeowner who likes to cook may use a simpler edge such as an eased edge, since these are easier to clean. Another homeowner might choose an ornate edge such as a Cole Smith to show off the beauty of the counter. The curve of a bullnose edge might be better for a home with young children.

Though the edges of stone and wood countertops are usually carved into the slab, the edges of laminate counters can be made of different materials, such as wood or tile. Here are some edging styles:



To make a bevel edge, the fabricator cuts a straight edge at a 45 degree angle. The bevel edge comes in several subtypes. These include the half bevel, one inch bevel, one quarter bevel, the bevel top and bottom and the Hollywood bevel.

Bullnose Edge

This completely curved edge resembles, to some, the nose of a bull. Like the bevel edge, the bullnose has several variations. The demi-bullnose is carved most but not all of the way down. The 1 1/2 inch bullnose projects from the edge of the counter but the curve stops at the counter’s straight edge.

Eased Edge

The eased edge is simply a flat or straight edge, though the edge has been given a kerf to keep it from being dangerously sharp and to make it less subject to chipping.

Ogee Edge/Cove Edge

The elegant ogee edge is made of a convex arch and a concave arch. This type of flowing edge is not only aesthetically pleasing but is traditional in a kitchen countertop. The beautiful cove edge has a concave arch that is notched at the top and bottom. A combination of the cove and ogee edge has two concave arches that flow into a convex arch. This makes an especially lovely and sophisticated edge for a counter or vanity.

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