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You’re walking into a showroom, and all around you is a dazzling array of kitchen countertops. On display are countertops made of granite, marble, soapstone, modern composite materials, or something else entirely. It might sound strange, but — when it comes down to the moment — choosing the right countertop to fit your kitchen’s needs and appearance can be an anxiety attack waiting to happen. With a wide range of looks, properties, and price tags, how do you know which new countertop is right for your kitchen?

Assess Your Needs as a Homeowner

White granite, quartz, and marble are all beautiful materials. They make beautiful and impressive countertops, and are fantastic choices if you’re finding yourself the host of frequent dinner get-togethers. On the other hand, a house with children who enjoy PB&J sandwiches — or ladling extra sauce onto their pasta — might benefit from countertops made of a darker, more resilient, and more affordable material. Select your new countertop with more than just looks in mind!

Match Your Existing Kitchen

This might go without saying, but, before you hit the showroom, make sure you have color samples in hand for comparison’s sake. You want your new countertops to look nice, but also to match the existing look of your kitchen. It might sound insignificant, but studies have shown that a matching and visually appealing kitchen results in better-tasting food, perhaps by making the environment more comfortable to work in for long periods of time.

Determine Your Budget in Advance

Figure out how much money you’ll be willing to spend on a new countertop before you go out shopping, then stay within your budget. One of the best ways to find satisfaction with a new set of kitchen countertops is to rule out the overly extravagant options right away. If you can’t afford it, don’t spend time hovering over it and ogling: that’s how people wind up making impulse buys that they really can’t afford. On average, affordable countertop prices should top out at around $100 per square foot — a range that includes some durable and aesthetically pleasing options, such as certain types of granite countertop.


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