How to Remove Any Stain From Your Granite

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Do you have a stain in your granite? Unsightly stains can ruin the beautiful finish on your granite countertops and floors. Thankfully there are simple steps you can follow to remove those stains and return your granite to its original flawless state. You’ll need talcum powder, a cloth, plastic wrap, tape, a plastic scraper, and a particular chemical, depending on the type of stain. Follow these simple instructions to identify your stain and remove it from your granite:

First, let’s identify your stain and choose the correct chemical you’ll need to remove it.

For biological stains (mold, mildew, etc.) use bleach. For organic stains (soda, coffee, gravy, mustard, tea, etc.) use hydrogen peroxide. For inorganic stains (dyes, dirt, etc.) use hydrogen peroxide. For oils (cooking oil, mineral oil, margarine, butter, etc.) use pure acetone.

Next, follow these steps to remove the granite stain:

  1. Create a thick paste by mixing talcum powder with the chemical you’ve chosen from above.
  2. Apply the mixture to the stain, making sure to keep it only to the stain rather than spreading it all over your granite. The layer of paste you apply should be 1/4″ thick.
  3. Cover the area with plastic wrap and tape down the edges. Allow it to set like this for 24 hours.
  4. Remove the plastic wrap, leaving the mixture as it is.
  5. Allow the mixture to sit, exposed to the open air, until it is completely dry. This may take from a few hours up to two days.
  6. When the paste is completely dry, scrape away the paste with a plastic scraper.
  7. Wipe any excess paste away with a clean cloth.
  8. Clean the granite as you normally would and dry the surface with another clean cloth.
  9. If the stain is not completely removed, repeat this process to pull up and remove any remaining residue of the stain left behind.

This simple process will help to restore your beautiful granite and rid your countertop or floors of stains.


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