How to use Granite Remnants Creatively

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Granite remnants can generally be picked up fairly inexpensively and are one of the very best ways to get granite accents in your home without the high price tag of a full custom install. Whether you have granite left over from your own custom install or simply want to pick up some granite remnants at your local DIY store, here are 6 great creative uses for granite remnants.


Patio tiles

Whether you want just a few garden pavers or to tile an entire patio area, granite remnants make a far more attractive option for patios than a plain granite slab. You can use a variety or remnants to create a patterned patio or a go for more of a mosaic feel.


Island toppers

While you may not be able to afford a full custom countertop, you can use a granite remnant to create a beautiful island in even the smallest of spaces. For small kitchens, you can put a granite top on a rolling butcher block table for a moveable island you can store away when not in use.


Coffee table topper

You can turn a plain wooden table into a beautiful centerpiece with a slab of granite. You can also use granite rather than glass on an iron base for a more family-friendly coffee table.


Cheese and fruit tray

You can have granite cut with smooth edges, or you can even leave the rough edges for a bit of texture. Leftover granite remnants make a great serving platter for cheeses and fruits.



Larger granite remnants can be cut into small tiles and used for fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, showers and even countertops.



Granite remnants can be used to make functional but attractive shelving in a laundry or utility room or accent shelving in a living or dining room.

To see some examples of what granite looks like in a home, be sure to check out our gallery here.


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