How a Waterfall Island Can Take Your Kitchen Over-The-Top

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Waterfall Kitchen Islands

On a traditional island, the surface ends where the edge of the island stops. A waterfall design has a continuous piece of material that covers the side of the island as well. Traditional islands have only horizontal surfaces while the waterfall-styles have a vertical plane. True waterfall designs feature only one piece of slab that wraps the island. When done correctly, this modern design element can take any kitchen over the top.


The veining in quartz or natural stone is noticeable on the parallel surface; then rolls over the edge vertically to the floor. This perpendicular view generates a focal point by emphasizing the dramatic beauty of veined material. In open-concept layouts, you can even see this focal point from other areas in the home. A waterfall island can anchor your cooking space by linking the cabinetry and floor design.


Popular material options for this intriguing look include quartz, granite, travertine and marble. While these stones make excellent choices for waterfall islands, you can also use concrete or wood. Regardless of the material selected, pay attention how thick the edges are. When selecting edge thickness, consider the sizes of room molding, cabinet doors and the overall scale of the room.


A waterfall island brings personality, especially to a stark white kitchen. One way to enhance a monochromatic design is by using different materials for the island and the kitchen counter tops. You can go for dramatic, contrasting or muted looks. To create a vivid focal point, use multiple hues on the island’s stone.


For a contrasting look, install a black waterfall island that creates a striking effect by drawing the eye to this prominent feature. If you prefer something more muted that still creates visual interest, choose a softly marbled stone that coordinates with the backsplash. For a glamorous look, you could select a bold stone with gray and black veining for the perimeter and waterfall counters. This design works especially well when the backsplash echoes the pattern.


While the clean lines and linear nature of waterfall islands complement contemporary kitchens especially well, you can use them in other designs too. Create a transitional look by adding a distressed wood waterfall island. If you have a rustic kitchen but want to enjoy this sophisticated trend, consider adding a waterfall counter top that picks up the wood tones in your cabinets.


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