Is Your Kitchen Prepped for a Thanksgiving Feast?

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Thanksgiving is on its way and if you are hosting a big gathering at your house this year, you will want to make sure that your kitchen is ready and up to the task. This is a great time for large and small kitchen updates. Start by thinking about what you will prepare and just how much food you will be making. Then decide if your kitchen is ready to handle cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Read on for some tips to get your kitchen in shape for the big day.


For a Thanksgiving feast, you want your oven, stove, microwave and toaster even in clean and good working condition. You don’t want to wait to Thanksgiving Day to discover that something is wrong with one of your major appliances and you aren’t able to cook. You will also want to make sure that your refrigerator is in order to store all of the leftovers. Clean out and organize your refrigerator, throwing away anything that is out of date. Also make sure that that your dishwasher is ready to handle the many dishes that are bound to accumulate. Start by inspecting all of your appliances to make sure everything is working properly. You will also want to clean your appliances, especially your oven. Your oven will cook more evenly after you have made sure all the burned food has been cleaned out of the bottom. You may also want to use a digital thermostat to make sure that your oven is heating to the correct temperature. If it is not, you may want to get in a technician or adjust your cooking times or temperatures accordingly.


It is much easier to do your Thanksgiving cooking if you have a fresh clean countertop to start on. Go over your countertops and put everything away, making as much empty counter space as possible. Then, clean your countertops, including behind and under anything that is left there. Make sure to use a cleaner that is appropriate for you type of countertop material. Clean, empty countertops will give you plenty of space to work and will make preparing a big feast go much more smoothly.

Staging Area

As you will want to keep your counter tops free for food preparation, you may want to consider setting up a staging area either on a table or an island. This area is where you can keep extra plates, cups and utensils and where you may want to keep food until you are ready to put it on the table. This staging area will save you time and space as you are preparing you meal.


Make sure that you have all the cooking supplies you will need, including baking and serving dishes, utensils, plates and anything else you or guests will want. You may also want to make sure that your pantry and refrigerator are well stocked with the basics like spices, milk and eggs.

With a little preparation, you can have your kitchen ready for you Thanksgiving meal.

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