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Think back to your last family get-together or party. Where did every one gather? The kitchen, of course! Often referred to as the “heart” of the home, the kitchen should be designed in a way that is inviting, functional and durable. If you are shopping for a new home or considering a renovation, there are several flooring trends for kitchens that you will want to consider.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed “anything” is all the rage these days, and that trend is apparent in kitchen flooring. Homeowners want something distinctive that doesn’t look identical to every other house on the block, and reclaimed wood offers that uniqueness and charm. While actual salvaged wood can be expensive and hard to find, the good news is, you can find factory finished wood that offers an authentic, vintage look.

Luxury Vinyl

When you think of vinyl flooring, do you cringe a little bit? Well, erase that vision of peel-and-stick vinyl from your mind, because this new category of flooring is entirely different. Luxury vinyl offers the durability and moisture resistance of vinyl, while replicating the appearance of high-end hardwoods or stone. Thanks to technological advances, any surface can be realistically simulated on vinyl, so the options are really endless when it comes to design. Luxury vinyl could be applied no matter what your style.

Large-Format Tile

Tile flooring has always been a great choice for kitchens, given its durability and ease of maintenance. Trends are moving beyond the standard 12×12” as large-format tiles (such as 12×24” and 36×36”) continue to grow in popularity. Large-format tiles can lend a modern look to your kitchen, with the added bonus of making the space look bigger.

Wood-Look Tile

Again, tile is a great option for kitchen flooring. If you want the warm, inviting look of wood, but also want the durability and easy maintenance of tile, wood-look tile is the perfect compromise. You can find just about any type of “wood” imaginable: from dark to light, rustic to modern, traditional to exotic. Offering the appearance of wood, without the worry of scratches or daily wear and tear, wood-look tile is really a win-win for the kitchen.

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