How to Choose Granite for Your Boise Kitchen Countertops

Most people think that granite is just some piece of old stone. This is not true because its surface comes in many colors; hence, suitable for kitchen tops and designs. Prominent for its top surface in kitchen counters, granite is an excellent durable material for kitchen surfaces. It is natural and comes in different colors including black, white, red, brown and beige. As a home owner, it is vital to know factors to consider when choosing granite for your kitchen top. This is essential because granite comes in different colors, weight, and texture. There are some key points to consider while choosing granite. Follow them to acquire the desired touch in the kitchen counters.


Granite Color Coordination

Depending on the color of cabinets, slabs and counter top, choose a contrasting granite color. There are various colors for kitchen décor in the market. It is vital to select colors that synchronize to bring out a warm, homely feeling in the kitchen. Work with your granite supplier to choose a color that goes with the kitchen ceiling, cabinets and counters. Ensure that the parts work together. If your kitchen cabinets are dark brown, try beige granite. Supposing you have white cabinets, settle for blue or marble granite.


Budget for Granite

Granite countertops vary depending on price. Price depends on production; therefore, granite top surfaces like red and blue are far expensive compared to white and beige. Some granite may only contain traces of red and blue. Such are equally costly. The result is an expensive project; hence, a huge consideration before settling for colors. Besides color, your project may call for particular granite like quartzite. This granite has more quartz making it costly.


Granite & Kitchen Size

Granite top surfaces vary in size. This factor, therefore, leaves you with the choice of investing in either an L or U-shaped granite top surface. For large kitchen tops, you may need an island in addition to the L- shaped counter. Size and slab factors are to be carefully considered so that there is uniformity of pattern. Your kitchen counter may require more than one slab depending on its size. Consider investing in the right shape depending on the size of the kitchen counter.


Floor Color

There is a direct relationship between floor color and top kitchen surfaces. Carefully select a granite color that creates a color contrast with your floor. This enhances your kitchen appearance. It brings a warm, lively touch.