Choosing Granite For Your Laundry Room And Best Maintenance Practices

A home is always not complete without a laundry room. Initially, these places used to sit downstairs, but as time goes by, they are gradually moving upstairs. Truth be told, not many people like doing laundry, and the chore can be even more cumbersome when the room is dull. Designing this space makes this process more efficient.

Many homeowners nowadays have realized the benefits especially the enhanced looks that granite delivers when used in the laundry room. They give the room a gorgeously natural look for decades. This quality has made granite to be suitable for even kitchens, office, bathrooms and wet bars. Granite stone is porous and is igneous, meaning that it is made up of small sized grains of compressed feldspar, quartz and mica.This quality makes granite to be relatively robust and durable.

How to Purchase Granite

There are a lot of outlets where you can buy granite for your laundry room. The precise rules when buying home equipment should fall in place whenever buying these counter tops. To start with, you need to get references from your neighbors, friends, and family using granite in their laundry room. If available, have several options in mind to eliminate from your list those that are not quite promising. You may also want to visit the supplier in person to collect any vital information that you may need. Paramount, ensure you are considering the cost of purchase. Cheap or expensive does not necessarily guarantee perfect material, however, be sure to buy from an outlet that guarantees discounts and offers competitive rates.

Maintenance of Granite

If you need the surfaces to remain shiny even after decades, always wipe the surfaces every time you finish doing laundry. Remember to blot up spills as soon as they happen. Whenever you want to wash these granite surfaces, be sure to do that by using either stone soap or a neutral pH cleaner. Desist from using either vinegar or lemon juice when cleaning. In the case of spills, be sure to do dry counters thoroughly. While cleaning or wiping, also avoid using anything that may scratch the surfaces.


The fact that you are using these countertops in your laundry room does not mean that they should stay wet. Try as hard to have them dry at all times. Always consult the manufacturer’s directions on proper use, and following them to the later to ensure long