Light Cabinets: When to Choose Light Cabinets vs. Dark Cabinets

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When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodels, one of the more dramatic changes you can make is to the color of the cabinets. But how do you know which color to choose? Do you go lighter or darker? Here is a simple guide for choosing which shade of cabinets is most suited for your kitchen.

Space size

Do you have a ton of extra space in your kitchen? Does it get a lot of natural light? If so, then you may want to invest in darker cabinets. Darker cabinets tend to shine when done in bigger spaces with a lot of light to give it some life. On the contrary, lighter cabinets tend to work better in smaller spaces where natural light is rare. They also tend to make a space feel bigger than it is.

The kid factor

Anyone with children will tell you that they will find a way to destroy things. They don’t mean to, but it’s an inevitable fact. Lighter cabinets will show wear and tear quicker than darker ones, so be sure to take that into consideration. Above all, consider your lifestyle and the kind of care you intend to give to your cabinets. They have to fit the space, but they also have to fit you and your family.


Lighter cabinets tend to be easier to work with when it comes to choosing backsplash and countertops. They pair well with both dark and light countertops and backsplash choices. This flexibility will afford you more choices, but stick with what you’re comfortable with since you know how clean you will be able to keep them.


Another thing to consider is if you’re going sell your home anytime soon. If that is the case, lighter cabinets are trendier. It’s a difficult decision, but definitely a fun one.

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