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Have you ever noticed that when you clean your kitchen, your home automatically seems cleaner? Anytime I clear the dishes from the sink, I feel a heavy weight lift off of my shoulders. When counters and cabinets are cluttered, my stress level goes through the roof, and when I knock something off into the floor, I completely lose it.

Turns out, just a few tweaks to your kitchen can make it naturally more organized. It will almost clean itself.

Institute Stations

Your cabinets and drawers should be organized into stations. Keep like items together. With dishes, store pots and pans together, then bowls, plates, cups, etc. Use organizing trays for your silverware and keep knives in blocks so that they are both easily accessible and stored in a safe location.

Do the same thing with pantry items. Consider using clear containers rather than original packaging or opaque containers for pantry items. That way, you can see exactly what you have on hand for easy retrieval and grocery shopping.

Make things Convenient

If you’ve organized your kitchen before only to have it fall back into the chaos from whence it came, you need convenience. If you make things convenient for them, your family will fall into a routine without even realizing it.

Place trashcans in a highly visible area near workstations. Cheese wrappers and bread ties are more likely to make it in if your family doesn’t have to walk to the trashcan. Make sure that everything else has a convenient “home” as well.

Do a Bit Daily

While waiting for the microwave to ding, wipe down surfaces. Sweep daily, and do the dishes each night. Taking care of little tasks daily keeps them from building up. You can do more in depth cleaning once a week. You can read how to remove any stain from your granite here.

Divvy these tasks up between family members as well. Consider keeping a schedule posted on the wall so everyone knows their daily chore.

If you can keep up with a few small things daily and remember to place convenient “homes”for kitchen items, cleaning your kitchen should become a less daunting task.

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