Choosing Granite For Your Outdoor Space

Summer presents the perfect time for sipping drinks, grilling and enjoying the sun. It is important to have a great outdoor space in order to enjoy a great time during summer. When choosing a perfect material for your outdoor space, it is important to go for one that is durable, yet stylish. Granite fits the bill perfectly for your bartop, table or fireplace. Here are some important tips to consider when choosing granite for your outdoor space.

Granite Thickness

Granite counters come in various thicknesses. There is the three-quarter inch, one and one-quarter inch and the one and one-half inch (made up of two three-quarter inch pieces fixed together). You should avoid this option as it is likely to bring issues along the road. The glue holding the two slabs of granite together deteriorates after sometime.

Choosing the Right Granite Color

Color selection is vital when choosing the right granite. Dark color granites form an excellent option for areas that have abundant natural light. Your outdoor space will be overflowing with natural light and going for a dark color granite like the Black Forest would be an excellent choice. If your outdoor space has a unique color tone that you would like to match with your granite, take a sample of the tone when going shopping. If it is impossible to take samples with you, get granite samples from your supplier instead in order to match them upon reaching home.

Going to Large Granite Distributors

When going to purchase your granite for the outdoor space, it is advisable to avoid going to small distributors. It is widely recommended to find well-established granite suppliers as they have a large selection of diverse granite slabs for you to choose from. Large suppliers will have different varieties of granite slabs thereby increasing the chances of getting the exact type you need. You can also find experienced and well-informed professionals in such shops who will give you the best advice on the right type to buy depending on the area you need to put it. These professionals will ensure that you get the best quality granite for your outdoor space.

Your Granite Selection: Final Words

Before going to the suppliers, note down all the questions you need to ask them before making the purchase. This will act as your guide as you speak to the representative you meet at the shop in order to get the right granite slabs. If you follow all the above tips, you will get the right and most durable granite for your outdoor space.