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Estimate Remodeling is highly rewarding and increases the value of your home. After putting in hours of thought towards which project to conquer and how to carry those plans out, spending money on supplies and tools, and expending hours of back-breaking, grueling work towards making your home improvement dreams come true, you deserve a pat (or two) on the back.



Tuxedo cabinets are hot this summer in kitchens around the nation. Tuxedo cabinets feature bottom and top rows of cabinets being different colors. To qualify cabinets as tuxedo cabinets, it’s not necessary for both colors to be black and white. You can choose whichever colors suit your kitchen best; because it’s summer, you should choose light, fun colors like aqua blue, fiery red, and exotic orange. Whichever combination you choose, make sure they complement each other, checked by using an interactive color wheel found online.


Speaking of cabinets — short, stocky cabinets are out of style. Tall, drawn-out cabinets are in right now, adding style points to your kitchen and improving the value of your home. Tall cabinets also cause your kitchen to look taller, roomier, and brighter than do regular- or smaller-sized cabinets.



Granitequartz, and marble countertops look fabulous in summer months and also add significant value to homes. These countertops are more expensive than other, less-appealing options, but offer several benefits. Stone countertops make others jealous of your home, encouraging more visitors to show up for parties and gatherings than other hosts’ homes. Granite counters are also easy to clean and thoroughly resist heat.


Blending kitchen appliances into cabinets, drawers, and walls are totally in this 2017 summer season. Both the color and location of cabinets should be made to match their surroundings. To blend in with current kitchen trends, match cabinet color with appliance color, causing them to look more similar.

Utilize any one, a mixture, or all of these summer kitchen trends to make your home pop this time of year.


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