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Some people prefer the less costly but stylish travertine for their kitchens, walls, bathrooms, and/or floors. Travertine has extensively been employed in several attractive structures all over the globe, whether it was the Coliseum about 2000 years ago, or more recently, modern buildings designed by contemporary architects.

Why Choose Travertine for Your Home?

Travertine is a kind of limestone which is made under extreme pressure and heat. It is very porous, and nearly resembles marble. As a matter of fact, it is at times referred to as onyx marble, and is often imported to America from Mexico, Italy, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Travertine comes in several earthy colors since it is purely a natural stone. One will find several attractive shades of travertine in our area: walnut, cream, gold, coral red, ivory and beige. The colors are formed by a metal iron mixture and other impurities that are present in the earth. They often possess natural holes and veining that makes them very appealing to those going for the natural look. They offer an aesthetic value and pleasing touch to an individual’s home decor; they are often favored and used as flooring tiles, countertops, wall coverings, and pavings. The travertine countertops have a matte, polished, tumbled, or smooth finishes.

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Benefits of Travertine Countertops

Travertine countertops are delicate and beautiful adding a great deal of elegance to an individual’s home. Its luxurious look is the ideal option for people who want an antique appearance with a natural touch of imperfections and veining.

Travertine countertops can work well with darker kitchens reflecting light and, thereby making the kitchen look brighter. As tiles they are also much easier to shape and cut compared to porcelain tiles, hence, making it easy to fill small areas or areas with odd dimensions. It is also easier to find matching tiles in case you need a replacement.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly countertop with natural elegance to embellish your home, travertine countertops are the ideal option. For more information, read this article we wrote on why you should buy travertine countertops.

Travertine: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to travertine, check out these frequently asked questions and their answers to quickly get acquainted.