Two-Toned Cabinets: Tips You Need To Know

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While there are many kitchen trends that come and go, one of the most enlivening new ways to decorate your kitchen is to use two-toned kitchen cabinets. This high contrast style creates visual interest, drawing attention to an area of the home where a lot of time is spent. This can be very satisfying for homeowners, and it can be quite inviting for guests.

If you are thinking about adopting two-toned cabinets in your kitchen, here is a helpful list of tips to keep in mind.

  • Use Contrasting Colors: Two-toned cabinets are a great way to create drama in your kitchen, which is why many people gravitate toward contrasting shades. Stark opposites, such as black and white or blue and white, make a powerful statement in any kitchen. However, not all opposites necessarily look the best in your kitchen. Bright red and bright green, for example, may look good on your Christmas tree, but those colors are often poorly matched in your kitchen.
  • Try Related Colors: While contrasts are dramatic, sticking to colors of the same family can be aesthetically pleasing. To this end, creams and browns can often work well in your kitchen. For a bit more color, you could even try soft yellows and greens. Just be careful not to make the colors too similar, or the effect will not be noticeable enough.
  • Remember Matching Woods: If you are leaning toward natural wood tones in your kitchen, the two-toned look can still work. You can pick two different stains to provide the needed contrast. However, be wary of using two different woods entirely. If you pair a common oak with an elegant cherry, for example, the end result will be disorganized.
  • Unify Your Look: No matter what color pair you pick, it is important to remember that you still need to unify the space. This can be done with subtle touches on your cabinets. For example, most people choose cabinets in different colors but the same style. If you really want two cabinet styles, consider matching the choices with the same hardware.

If you have picked out the color for your cabinets before you’ve renovated your kitchen with a new granite countertop, be sure to read up on granite color coordination here!


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