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The availability of kitchen counter tops in the market has considerably increased. This has made it possible for you to remodel your kitchen and give it a contemporary look depending on your most preferred choice of counter top. However, it is necessary for you to find out as much information as you can about the different kitchen counter tops before making your final decision.

1. Granite countertops

This is an extremely high quality and beautiful counter top made out of granite stone. Any kitchen with a granite counter easily gets an elegant look that would otherwise take a lot to achieve. Other than its visual appeal, there are various other factors that have largely contributed to its popularity. These include:

  • – Cannot be damaged by heat
  • – It is available in about 3000 colors thereby giving you a wide choice range
  • – It is made out of extremely durable material that can easily last for a lifetime
  • – It increases the value of a home and is highly preferred by home buyers

2. Engineered stone

This type of stone is made up of a high percentage of quartz particles. When compared to granite, engineered stone has a more diverse range of colors. This makes it easier for you to select the most suitable color that will blend well with your kitchens’ interior decor. Another unique feature of this stone is its nonporous surface that can resist scratches, stain as well as acid. It is highly maintainable and requires no annual sealing.

3. Soapstone countertops

This is a generally dark stone usually gray in color with a smooth feel. This stone was mainly being used in historic homes but this has now changed since it is also being used in contemporary homes not only for counter tops but also as a sink material. Soapstone has slight resistance to stain.

4. Marble countertops

Due to its extremely unique features and beauty, marble is said to be rather pricey. However, in order for you to work within your budget and still give your kitchen that elegant look you have always wanted, you can have it as the surface of your small kitchen island. Other than its beauty, marble is also resistant to water and heat.

5. Concrete kitchen countertops

In case your countertops have rare shapes then concrete would be the most suitable choice for you. The reason for this is because they usually cast just right in any kitchen. Some of the highly unique features linked to this stone include the fact that it is possible to have it color tinted. With this feature you can easily have your concrete kitchen countertops custom made to suit your needs. It is also heat and scratch proof thereby allowing you to place hot pan s on its surface without having to worry about it getting damaged. With the availability of new treatments, the problem of cracking has totally been eliminated.

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With the availability of all these exceptional kitchen countertops, homeowners can now enjoy flexibility when it comes to deciding on the type of look they would like to have in their kitchen. This can range from an exotic to a more contemporary look. For more information: Contact Us

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