Updated Lighting Schemes – The Key to Any Home Remodeling Project

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For many years, most home designs have focused on individual rooms, and the lighting has tended to be soft and warm. The family room was the central gathering place. Not anymore. Today’s homes feature the popular open floor plan with lots of bright, white light, and the kitchen has moved to the top of the list as the preferred place to be. So when taking on the task of updating your outdated kitchen, you may want to keep the following design concepts and trends in mind.

Types of Light Fixtures and Where to Place Them

  • Uplights: Placed at the top of your cabinets, these small lights are great for highlighting an already high ceiling.
  • Under Cabinet Lights: Don’t forget your counter tops and other work surfaces! Installing under cabinet lights is a popular way to accomplish this.
  • Pendant Lights and Chandeliers: These fixtures are available in many styles and colors and are useful for lighting areas such as islands, which can also serve as small dining areas.
  • Highlight with Halogen: If you are brave enough to have some open or glass front cabinets in your kitchen setup, halogen lighting is a wonderful way to display your fine china or collectibles.
  • Cooking in the Dark is not Cool: A very simple upgrade, installing ‘task lighting’ such as a new range hood with lights can make all the difference when you’re working at your stove.
  • Other Things to Consider When Planning Your New Lighting Layout: Dimmers are an important part of any lighting scheme as are the types of light bulbs you choose. To protect your food from harmful substances released when a bulb shatters, there’s now a line of safety-coated bulbs. These are definitely worth a look.

Remodeling projects are a simple way to increase both the beauty and value of your home. Make an updated lighting scheme a key component of any remodeling project you tackle.

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