What Counter Top Material is Best for a Bathroom?

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Choosing the right material for your bathroom countertop can be invaluable for both design and functionality. It can tie the rest of the bathroom’s decor together while providing you with an invaluable degree of protective use for years to come. As such, it is a good idea to plan ahead for your countertop to make the most of your purchase. Cutting Edge Kitchens can install quartz, marble, granite, travertine and piedrafina countertops, each of which features unique advantages, depending on what you need.


Quartz is an especially attractive option for the bathroom. Due to its smooth texture and nonporous nature, quartz countertops can be extremely fashionable without risking as much staining as other materials.


Granite is a timeless and classic option for the bathroom. Countertops made from granite are highly resistant to all types of scuffing and general damage. They can be purchased in a broad variety of natural colors as well. However, because the rock is naturally porous, careful sealing is vital to ensure longevity.


Marble is another popular bathroom countertop option. Featuring many of the same advantages as granite, many customers prefer to use marble because of its unique patterning. Marble may appear in a broad variety of colors and surfaces as well, showcasing no shortage of decorative options.


Travertine countertops can be perfect for the bathroom because of their formal appearance and soothing surface. This material is also easier to cut, making installations simpler and more personalized. These countertops are porous, however, and should be sealed accordingly in order to avoid staining and damage in the long-term.


Piedrafina is a composite marble material that is similar in composition to quartz. It is ideal for its attractive consistency and strength, and it is especially desirable for the bathroom because it will not leave water stains.

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