What Determines the Cost of Granite?

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There are many factors that influence the price of granite. These include grade, color, availability, source, slab size and density. Let’s look at each if these factors individually.


There is no industry wide grading system. This is usually handled locally. Nonetheless, it is a means to gauge quality. Keep in mind that grading does not translate from one location to another, but does influence price.


Some colors are more popular than others. Some colors are more rare. Popularity produces demand and rarity constricts supply. Both of these factors will influence the price.


In addition to rarity, some quarries are only worked seasonally. Plus, there can be other odd factors, such as weather conditions or government interference that can constrict the availability of a particular product.

Where it Came From

Locally sourced stone will generally cost less. Stone that ships from far away will include transportation costs in the price. There can be other factors here too, such as import taxes or a premium paid for the reputation of stone from a particular country.

Slab size

You generally pay for the entire slab. If you want a long piece with no unsightly joints, you will need to cover the cost of a large slab. The parts you don’t use are considered wastage, yet you still have to pay for it.


Granite is valuable because of its hardness, but not all granite is equally hard. Some granite contains a fair amount of softer stone. Generally speaking, denser granite is more valuable. There can be exceptions. Sometimes granite also contains precious stones. This can simultaneously drive down its density while driving up the price.

Although two pieces of granite may look very similar to the untrained eye, they can vary significantly in cost. These are some of the variables that contribute to that fact.

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