What is the Expected Lifetime of Granite Countertops?

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Home fashions change over the years, but granite countertops have endured in popularity because of their visual appeal and longevity. Granite outlasts most other materials used to make countertops. While concrete and cultured marble countertops will only hold up for about twenty years, and laminate may last as long as thirty, granite beats them all with up to a 100-year life expectancy.

This durability is one of granite’s best features because it means you can count on your countertops to last until you resell your home and beyond. Tile countertops can last a long time as well, but tile is subject to a build-up of grime and requires constant re-grouting. Granite is easier to maintain. To get as much life as possible out of your granite countertops, be sure to follow these three simple steps:

Keep Your Granite Clean

You need only use warm water and a soft washcloth or rag to clean your granite on a regular basis. To disinfect, use a special cleaner that is tailored for granite surfaces so that the sealants won’t break down and leave your countertops vulnerable to staining.

Seal your granite

For best results, seal your granite once a year. Some granite countertops can go as long as a decade without having to be sealed, but if you begin to see stains on the surface of your granite, then you can tell that you are overdue for a sealing. Sealing your countertop is simple. Just buy a liquid sealer, spray, and wipe. The purpose of sealing is to create a natural barrier that will protect your granite from the build up of soil, etching, and stains.

Protect your countertops

Granite is highly durable, but it’s not infallible. Avoid dropping heavy objects that could cause your granite countertop to crack. As tempting as it may be, do not cut foods directly on your countertop. Instead, make use of a cutting board. If you’re ready to put granite in your life, you can find high quality granite countertops for bathrooms, kitchens, bars, and laundry rooms at Cutting Edge Kitchens.

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