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The point of a sink and faucet combination is to direct water into the bowl for washing. While sinks may become discolored from minerals in the water, most vitreous china sinks (most commonly found in bathrooms) are quite hearty. If the discoloration bothers you, or if removing the discoloration damages the finish, you can replace the sink. However, should the sink develop a crack, you will need to replace the sink.

Kitchen sinks are subject to more use, occasional abuse, and wear and tear. Most commonly, kitchen sinks are made of either stainless steel or cast iron. There are many manufacturers of kitchen sinks, however, and as designers find new mediums for the gorgeous sinks available in today’s design trends, other options including hand-crafted sinks are becoming more commonly available.

Reasons to replace a standard kitchen sink:

  1. Stainless steel: Depending on the gauge or metal thickness, stainless steel sinks can flex. Because they are a single wall of metal, they can also be noisy. Over time, you may find corrosion around faucets and sprayer hookups. Finally, water deposits will dull their luster.
  2. Cast iron sinks are coated in porcelain: Over time, this coating can become scratched and dull. It may also chip, leaving the iron below to rust.

Watch your faucet in action. If you’ve got separate controls for hot and cold, is there water leaking out around the handles? Does the pull stop for closing the sink work properly? Is there rust or lime build up around the spigot or the handles? Any condition that increases the risk of a leak into your counter top or under your sink cabinet should be monitored. Faucet replacement is a fairly simple job and can save a lot of damage if caught early.

Also observe your faucet once it’s turned off. Is there a drip that lasts longer than five seconds? Is there water leaking around the base of the faucet mechanism? If your faucet is older, the rubber seal around the base between the faucet and the sink may have dried out, which means water may be seeping under the sink into your counter top, even if you’re not running water.

Tastes change faster than sinks wear out, and manufacturing technologies now give home owners the chance to purchase beautiful and long lasting plumbing fixtures. If you’re considering an upgrade and plan to replace your sink or faucet, you can be sure that your new sink will last for several years.

Our team of experts at Cutting Edge Kitchens in Boise would love to give our a recommendation on your sink concerns or recommend a replacement. You can also read our other article on how to choose a new sink here: Things to Consider When Choosing a Sink to Match Your New Kitchen Countertop.

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