Why Quartz Has Become Popular for Countertops

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Over the years, quartz has become one of the most popular materials for homeowners to consider having their countertops made in. The following are some of the strongest reasons why quartz has been in such popular demand.



Compared to granite, quartz is a lot more affordable and yet still just about equally tough. Homeowners can save money on what they would’ve spent on granite without having to compromise in any significant way when it comes to the durability of the final product.


Stainproof and Scratchproof

Not only is quartz incredibly durable thanks to its 5 percent polymer resin infusion, but it’s also one of the most difficult materials to stain as well. In essence, quartz is a combination of the best qualities of both laminate and stone. It possesses the ever-dependable strength of stone while having laminate’s convenient ability to let liquids roll off instead of absorbing them and taking on the hue; naturally, this makes a quartz countertop much easier to own without worrying too much about spilled drinks.

In addition to being significantly difficult to stain, a quartz countertop is also almost impossible to scratch unintentionally. A quartz countertop is virtually scratchproof, giving peace of mind to any homeowners who may be concerned that its appearance could deteriorate with age and repeated service friction.


Low-maintenance and High Longevity

As long as you make sure to take proper care of your quartz countertop on a regular basis, there is almost no need to worry about it not being able to stand the test of time. Compared to other countertop materials, a quartz countertop is one of the lower-maintenance options. There’s no need to constantly stay on top of making sure that each and every square inch of it is scrubbed down to the molecular level for it to maintain its best appearance. Because quartz is free of the same natural flaws that are commonly found in marble and granite, it is much easier for it to be naturally maintained in an aesthetically pleasing state than other materials with comparably similar levels of hardness.


High Color Variety

The material composition of quartz not only makes it exceedingly strong and easy to take care of but also opens up the potential for a very wide variety of color options as well. The advent of widespread quartz countertop availability gave many homeowners more color options for stone material than they had ever had access to before, from muted earth tones to striking sapphire patterns. When it comes to the color profile of quartz countertops in the kitchen, a homeowner is only limited by their personal taste and creativity.



Of all the materials that countertops can be made of, quartz is the fourth-hardest known material of all. Quartz is low-maintenance, scratchproof, stainproof, affordable and provides the owner with a wide variety of different color variations. With all the above benefits in mind, it is easy to see why quartz has become one of the most popular material types to consider for countertops.

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