Why We Recommend You Don’t Buy Faucets from Big Box Stores

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Since quality is a priority for new and existing home owners, customers shopping for a new sink should pick an industry leader that takes pride in offering faucets in a variety of today’s popular styles that customers want most. There is really only one source that’s consistent and reliable in offering top-quality faucets: a plumbing supply house.


The Priority of Performance and Quality

Faucets receive frequent use. They should be as dependable and serviceable as they are attractive. When it’s time to replace faucets, quality counts because it can equal additional kitchen value. While big box stores may sell dozens of faucet brands, it isn’t possible to know the specific quality of each. At a plumbing supply house, this will be made clear.


Transparency in Brands

Since most big box stores receive their plumbing supplies from various manufacturers, it’s difficult for customers to know if they are actually buying from the brand name manufacturer or a “copy” from a lesser known manufacturing company. You can rest assure that the faucets offered at a plumbing supply house are state-of-the-art brand names.


Customer Care and Knowledgeable Staff

The other major feature of resourcing a plumbing supply house for your new kitchen sink, is the custom assistance to help you choose the faucet that suits the unique kitchen design and meets your local plumbing and water standards. A plumbing supply house provides a knowledgeable, trained staff that offers a broad range of faucet designs for each individual customer’s preferences and answers questions regarding special plumbing needs. For example, in an older home with a newly remodeled kitchen, plumbing supply houses have professionals that are trained to know which of today’s faucets are compatible with older plumbing systems.


The Winner is Clear

Big box stores just can’t compete. The difference in sink quality & performance is superior at a plumbing supply house since they are a direct source. Additionally, their customer care and staff knowledge is likely to be top quality since the staff is trained specifically in plumbing technology and kitchen design


To shop for an attractive new faucet to give a kitchen a new look, visit a plumbing supply house today.


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