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The choice of cabinet colors, whether dark or light, usually comes down to what color grouping or cabinet type best blends with walls, countertops, floors, lighting fixtures, hardware and other accessories, which are currently situated in a home or are going to be replaced in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Current trends

Current trends in cabinet color and design lean toward a wide-range of selections that include monochromatic, solid base cabinet color throughout a home, to hot two-tone looks with splashes of color, to distressed, textural or antique layouts.

Contemporary-modern to industrial appears to be another going trend as does neutral wood tones that are traditional looking and always seem to be in vogue.

With the current choices in cabinet colors hovering over both the dark and light, homeowners need to be aware of what either choice entails and the pros and cons of the many selections available.

Dark colors obviously provide a bold and distinctive appearance, but they can also be overbearing and create a closed-in look and make illuminating an area difficult, while lighter colored cabinetry brings a bright and clean look to an area, can be easily accessorized with bolder colors, and generates an open an airy look. The downside is that lighter colored cabinets may show age more readily and require extended upkeep concerning dirt, grime, and everyday wear and tear.

Cabinet color

Cabinet color selections are endless and can be confusing to a homeowner. With the dilemmas that home renovators face with the myriad of choices at their fingertips, the importance of hiring and consulting with experts enters the picture. Home improvement centers provide showroom areas and consultants for potential remodelers to discover ideas for their cabinet selections, as do actual samples, interior design magazines, photos and cabinet internet sites.

If professionals, like us are called in, we can access the space to be changed, create a design, plus advise and suggest colors, styles, and textures. We can even propose refurbishing cabinets that are already in place.


Installation is another part of the process and can be difficult if the right logistical strategies and expert installers are not used to ensure a safe, efficient and proper installation. Do-it-yourself cabinet projects are fine if you know what you are doing but many times it is best left to those who know cabinetry, its specifications and dimensions.

Cabinet color choices in any category require serious research and investigation as to what will work in a particular space.

Cabinetry Experts

Input from design and cabinetry experts is recommended as well to get on the right footing with a choice that may have to be lived with for a number of years. With all that taken into consideration, color choices for cabinets can turn into a labor of love that contains the bonus factors of lifestyle improvement and increased home value.

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