Porcelain Gallery

Large-format gauged porcelain tile, commonly just known as porcelain, is one of the newest and most exciting product offerings in the countertop market. It is often designed to visually replicate rare and exotic natural stones at a fraction of the price, or is produced with artificial patterns reminiscent of aged iron, weathered wood and acid-washed concrete. Porcelain offers better scratch resistance, heat tolerance and durability than many of the materials it mimics, and enables the creation of aesthetics where usage of the real material may be undesirable or impractical.

Porcelain is also pound-for-pound the stiffest and strongest of the countertop materials we work with, and can be manufactured in slabs as thick as 1 1/4" or as gossamer-thin as 1/8". Its unique mechanical properties enable striking and bold designs featuring embedded heating elements, extreme cantilevered overhangs, and cladding of entire walls that would be difficult or even impossible with conventional materials. Whether you desire the sophisticated elegance of exotic marble without the associated fragility and maintenance issues, or require a tough and durable material for a cutting-edge aesthetic, porcelain tile may be the solution for you.